Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Ships

I became infuriated recently after seeing a clip of professional Mythbuster and nerd king Adam Savage responding–amidst many others–to the question “Who would win in a fight: the Millennium Falcon or the starship Enterprise?” I wasn’t particularly upset by his answer; at face value the Enterprise is certainly a more strategically capable vessel. What botheredContinue reading “Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Ships”

Do the Avengers Have Civil Rights? And How Do They Vote?

The question of under whose authority the Avengers fall isn’t exactly hotly debated. I mean, in-universe it is, chiefly by middling, conniving, “Hail Hydra”-whispering politicians, but not really amongst their fans, be they real or imaginary. By nature these powered people are extra-governmental, at best work in tandem with the U.S. government, at worst openlyContinue reading “Do the Avengers Have Civil Rights? And How Do They Vote?”